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Nii Addo '02

I graduated from Swarthmore College with an Honors double major in Computer Science and Engineering. At Swarthmore, I took the core engineering courses including Digital Signal Processing, Solid State Physics, Computer Architecture and a number of directed reading courses in Parallel Computer Architecture, DSP Hardware Programming and Computer Graphics. In spite of its academic rigor, the Engineering Program (and Swarthmore College in its entirety) served as the optimal environment to develop my problem-solving skills, which has been invaluable at work today.

I work in Information Technology division of the Investment Bank at JPMorganChase. Each IT group is aligned to a particular business of the Bank; my group serves the Global Credit Risk Management business. My primary responsibility is to develop Internet Applications for our business clients. For example I was part of the team responsible for developing a platform to allow efficient monitoring of the Firm's credit exposure in differentIndustries. In addition, I also continue to play significant roles in other non-development projects such as our group's adaptation of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) framework to provide a well-defined and repeatable software-development process.