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John Smucker '52

Finished in '52. Sold dynamite for duPont for 3yrs. in Texas and N. Dakota. Went to Episcopal Seminary in Va., finished in '58. Married Louisa Fontaine Washington Dawson same yr. 2 children: Anne is an acupuncturist; Philip just had book on chasing bin Laden published last month: " al Qaeda's Great Escape". He is home with both arms and legs from Iraq on a book tour. His wife, a Serbian lady, continues to consult with the Coptic Church in Egypt by internet. Thinking of building them a house in our front yard to break the habit of chasing terrorists for the last 18 yrs.

I ran a traverse on our land a few yrs. ago. Had forgotten a lot. Closed within a few minutes. S-more gave me a broad view of the world. I now, after doing social work for 18 yrs and retired for 20 yrs, spend time doing non-violent protesting of any and all wars. Have been arrested only 2 x so far. At age 76 there is much left to do. God bless your efforts. John Smucker ps: Anne also went to S-more, finished in Econ. honors.