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E90 Senior Design Projects 2002-2003

Group Title Advisor
Alyssa Bonnoit Software Tool for Intel Device Engineering Failure Analysis Maxwell/Molter
Susan Christensen Interfacial Positions in Steady Converging Microchannel Flows at Low Reynolds Numbers Macken
David Collins Proposal for the Construction and Testing of a PEM Fuel Cell Stack Macken
Nathaniel Court, Vincent Galatro Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a CFRP Jacketed Concrete Structural Member for Application in Cycling Siddiqui/Orthlieb
Michael Dudley HEV: Cooling and Venting Systems Macken
Stephen Duvignau Frequency Difference Interference in an Ultrasound Parametric Array Everbach
Emily Eddy Directional Hearing Aid Design Everbach
Zoila Forgione Implementation of Diagnostic Software For The Garnet Two Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project Macken/Maxwell
Todd Gillette, David O'Steen Wireless Control in a Dynamic Environment Using Bluetooth Molter
Elizabeth Jenkins Energy Conversion: Using a Rowing Machine to Produce Electricity Macken
Geoffrey Klein Acoustical Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Lecture Halls Everbach
Jonathan Lee LED-Based Reflectance Pulse Oximetry Molter
Joseph Makin Autonomous Operation of an Elevator by Mobile Robot Maxwell
Kiyoyuki Miyasaka Motor Assist Control System for the SwiftR HEV Macken/Piovoso
David Murphy, Joseph Armistead Design and Construction of a LowField MRI Device Molter
Axel Neff, Peter McKee HEV: Hybrid Electric Vehicle Overall Vehicle Improvement and Competition Preparation Macken
Kent Qian HEV Electrical Wiring Macken/Maxwell
Michael Rutberg Development of a Virtual Blackboard Maxwell
Aimee Schultz Treadmill Control System Maxwell/Piovoso
Antenah Tesfaye, David Whitehead Customizable Function-Specific Sensor Fusion Molter/Maxwell
Laura Zager Adaptive Anti-Noise Everbach