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Group Title Advisor
Akasaka, Ryo Wi-Fi module for remote appliance control Cheever
Anguah, Kofi/Szapiro, Nick Design and Construction of a Two-Passenger Hovercraft Macken
Bell, Alex/Pacheco, Andres Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Motorcycle Macken
Bober, David Electromechanical Arithmetic Logic Unit Cheever/Moreshet
Breakenridge, Rosanne/Pan, Sophia/Yeung, Tina Green "Machine": Mimicking Nature to Treat Wastewater McGarity
Calafut, Mark/Sun, Emily Combination Electric Resistance/Microwave-Heated Oven for the Handicapped Macken
de Regt, Anna Ongoing Bacterial Biofilms Everbach
DeSimone, David/Sheridan, Blaise Construction and Design of a Photovoltaic Power System for the Solar Laboratory McGarity
Hatzell, Kelsey LEED Design: Swarthmore Field House Macken
Kelleher, Thomas Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) in Concrete Siddiqui
Kwon, David A GPS Feedback System by Using Wireless Technology (still unsure of topic) Molter
Manandhar, Abhay Wireless Power Transmission Cheever
Matapersad, Deoroop Synthesizing the Tabla Cheever
McCarthy, Tiffany Bringing the Old into the New Siddiqui
Navarro, Karina BMP of Little Crum Creek Watershed McGarity
Pace, Andrew 2 DOF Ball Balancing Cheever
Perelstein, Daniel Intelligent Real-Time Accompaniment for Jazz Performance with Separated Monophonic Sources Cheever
Peterman, Kara A Modern Analysis and Design of the Groin Vaults in Chartres Cathedral Siddiqui
Santner, Jeffrey Solar Refrigeration System for Preserving Food During a Blackout McGarity
Taylor, Scott Evaluation of the Performance of Biofuels Macken
Velez, Roby Creation and Control of a Simple Robot Cheever
Villagra, Nick/Nakamura, James Modeling Urban Stormwater Runoff in the Crum Creek Watershed McGarity
Willis, Susan Development of a Computer-Based Nonpoint Source Pollutant Loading Model for Small Suburban Watersheds McGarity