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Guidelines for Large Gatherings Old

The College's COVID-19 policies related to masking, large gatherings, and access to athletics facilities have recently changed. Please see President Smith's message from March 25 for details.

We are no longer urging offices and departments to meet virtually, though virtual meetings remain a viable alternative to meeting in person in certain circumstances. However, we continue to discourage lunch meetings or serving food at large indoor gatherings. Safety protocols for indoor and outdoor gatherings vary depending on the size of the event, the nature of the activity, and the space in which it is being held. For specific protocols on large indoor and outdoor gatherings, please refer to the guidelines below. These guidelines exclude academic classes, which our current policies and protocols already address. Outside visitors should also refer to the College’s Campus Visitor Policy before coming to campus.  

Indoor Gatherings | Outdoor Gatherings

Indoor Gatherings 

If you’re planning an event for 50 or fewer people indoors, you may do so without coordination with the COVID-19 Planning Group, provided that:

  • Individuals remain masked at all times. (Please review the College’s masking policy for detailed information.) 
  • The event does not require shouting, singing, exercise, or any activity that may significantly increase the exchange of air droplets between individuals.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • You are highly discouraged from serving food at large, indoor gatherings.
  • Physical distancing is encouraged when possible.  

Please note that capacities will be limited in certain spaces on campus used for large gatherings, such as but not limited to the Lang Music Building, the Lang Performing Arts Center, and Athletic Facilities such as Tarble Pavilion. The COVID-19 Planning Group will coordinate with the Events Management Staff to ensure these capacity limits are communicated as you plan your event.

Outdoor Gatherings

Outdoor events of 75 or fewer people may proceed without approval. We highly recommend the following measures for such events: 

  • Maintain physical distancing of at least three feet when possible, especially if you’re providing food/beverages. 
  • Encourage masking

If you are planning an indoor event that does not meet the criteria above, or if you are planning an outdoor event for more than 75 people, please contact the COVID-19 Planning Group at for guidance on whether the event can proceed and, if so, what safety measures should be in place.