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Visitors and Vendors

Visitors | Vendors | What Is and Isn't Open on Campus


Visitors include prospective students and their families, spectators at athletic events or music/theater performances, or those attending lectures.

Swarthmore College campus is currently open to visitors.  All visitors are required to remain masked while indoors and at designated outdoor events, and are expected to be fully vaccinated. Please review the College’s masking policy for additional information.

At this time, due to the nature of the activity that occurs inside the Matchbox fitness center, it remains restricted to current students, faculty, and staff members only.

Vendors, Subcontractors, and Volunteers ("Vendors")

In most cases*, and in non-emergency situations, contractors, vendors, and individuals hired by the College or otherwise rendering some service to help the College carry out its day-to-day operations (“vendors”) and who, to do so, need to enter campus buildings, must be fully vaccinated and also adhere to the College’s masking requirements and all other COVID-19 policies.

Campus community members who oversee or are in charge of securing vendors for various reasons must supply them with a link to the College’s COVID-19 Vaccination Verification Form. The form must be completed by the vendor at least one week prior to the individual(s) coming to campus. Vendors cannot be exempt from the College’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement.


  • The primary point of contact for the College is responsible for supplying the vendor with a link to the College’s COVID-19 Vaccination Verification Form.
  • The vendor must complete the form at least one week prior to coming to campus.
    • If it is an ongoing arrangement that requires an individual to come to campus multiple times, the vendor only needs to complete the form prior to the first visit of the fall semester. The College will reevaluate the policy prior to the spring 2022 semester.
  • Once the form is completed by the vendor, the primary point of contact at the College will receive an email from the COVID-19 Planning Group confirming the vendor’s status.
    • If the primary point of contact does not receive a verification email from the vendor, the vendor has not completed the form and is therefore not approved to come inside campus facilities. 

* The College has already communicated vaccination and other health and safety requirements to certain vendors who oversee a large number of contractors on campus, such as those involved in the construction of the Dining and Community Commons. They are not required to fill out the College’s COVID-19 Vaccination Verification Form.

What Is and Isn't Open on Campus 

Admissions Office

Please note that the Admissions Office remains closed, and our staff continues to work remotely. Prospective students and families are welcome to visit for limited small group tour sessions or for a self-guided tour. For the health and safety of our campus community, all visitors must register in advance for an Admissions-guided campus tour or for a self-guided tour.

Campus & Community Store

The Campus & Community Store is open to the public. Please visit our website for the most up to date business hours. Masks and physical distancing are required for all store visitors. 

College Grounds

College grounds, including the Crum Woods, athletic playing fields, and tennis courts, are currently open to visitors.  Though the grounds are open, access to most indoor facilities remains restricted to authorized students, faculty and staff members only. Please note that if the virus surges once again, or if new variants emerge that prove to be resistant to the vaccines that are currently available, College grounds may once again close to visitors until it is safe to reopen.

Inn at Swarthmore and the Broad Table Tavern

The Inn at Swarthmore is open to the public. Visit the Inn's website for more information, or reach out directly to with any questions. 

Broad Table Tavern is open to the public for dine-in and to-go meals during business hours. Please feel free to make a reservation via Resy for your dine-in experience. 

McCabe Library

McCabe Library is open to students, faculty, staff members, and the immediate family members of faculty and staff.

Matchbox Fitness Center

The Matchbox Fitness Center is open only to fully vaccinated students, faculty and staff members who have filled out the “Assumption of Risk/Release  of Liability” and “PAR-Q” (physical activity readiness questionnaire) through MySwarthmore (Personal Information).