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Groups at CAPS


CAPS is currently collecting information on students who are interested in psychotherapy groups during the Spring 2023 semester. Therapist-led groups are typically comprised of 6 to 10 students and will meet weekly for 10 sessions.

Group therapy offers a safe and supportive environment in which you can explore a range of topics such as interpersonal relationships, isolation, anxiety, depression, difficult life events, and self understanding. Research shows that group therapy is as effective - and sometimes more effective - than individual therapy for many mental health or emotional concerns. Group members have the option to re-enroll in group therapy at CAPS each semester.

If you are interested in joining or just want to hear more about group therapy, reach out to Hilary Hla at

Chaotic Families Group

Swarthmore CAPS is recruiting for the Spring 2023 Chaotic Families group.
The Chaotic Families group offers students support for managing difficult family relationships and dynamics. Students may find that they resonate with the term “chaotic family” for different reasons, including experiencing significant familial loss or transition, being exposed to abuse, or coming from a family system where individuals suffer from chronic physical or mental illness, including addiction. This group aims to offer a safe space in which students can share experiences, support one another, develop effective communication and boundary-setting skills, and examine the way chaotic family dynamics affect current relationships and sense of self.
This group will meet weekly during the spring 2023 semester.
Email Hilary Hla, Psy.D. at to inquire and/or schedule a screening to learn more about the group.  Click here to see the flyer for this group.