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Laser Safety

Swarthmore College is committed to providing safe and healthful work and learning environments for all  students, faculty, and staff. This Laser Safety Program has been developed to ensure all activities involving  lasers are conducted in a safe and controlled manner consistent with or exceeding governmental  regulations and national consensus standards. Methods used by this Program include, but are not limited  to, defining roles and responsibilities for a Laser Safety Officer (LSO), Principal Investigators and  Authorized Users; training all users in the elements of this Program and laser safety concepts; establishing  control measures that include facility design, physical controls, work practice requirements and Personal  Protective Equipment (PPE); and, implementing review procedures for program effectiveness, individual  compliance, and incident investigations. 

This program covers all laser activities in laboratories at Swarthmore, including lecture, instructional  laboratory, and research environments. The current inventory for all lasers and laser systems covered  under this Program is found with the Environmental Health and Safety Office. 


Laser Safety Program

Appendix A - Current Laser Inventory - On File with the Environmental Health and Safety Office

Appendix B - Contact List

Appendix C - Inspection Checklist

Appendix D - Hazard Evaluation and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Form

Training - Citi Programs