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Employee Injury

If you are injured while at work please following the procedure detailed below: 

1. Notify Public Safety that an injury has occurred. 


  • Public Safety 610-328-8281 


2. Complete an injury investigation 

Public Safety 

  • If a dangerous or concerning environment that could continue to cause others harm is identified during the investigation please notify the EHS Officer immediately and notify the responsible party if applicable.

3. Send completed injury report to EHS Officer and HR. 

Public Safety 

  • EHS Officer – Colleen Battista 
  • HR – Lisa Pierce 

4. Review injury report and determine if additional follow up is required 

EHS Officer and Safety Committee 

  • Minor injury/medical attention required – Additional follow up by EHS officer or Accident Investigation  
  • Lost time/temporary restricted duty  - Accident investigation or Apparent Cause Analysis (ACA)
  • Permanent restricted duty  - Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Permanent disability/unable to work – Root Cause Analysis (RCA) 
  • These listing are guidelines that can be adjusted based on the details of a specific injury

5. File report with insurance provider 

EHS Officer 

  • Currently PMA

6. Complete Additional follow up as requested 

Area Supervisor/Manager or Safety Committee Representative 

  • Direction and information request will be made by the EHS Officer and/or HR 

7. Injury data presented and reviewed at the Safety Committee

EHS Officer

  • Safety Committee meetings typically occur every other Monday 

8. Update EHS Officer if injury is classified as an OSHA DART injury (days away, restricted time, transferred time) 


  • Include number of days for lost time or transferred time