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Assumption of Risk/Release of Liability

Assumption of Risk/Release of Liability

The College requires that all participants in voluntary, College-sponsored activities complete and sign an assumption of risk/release of liability form.  General risks are outlined within the form; however it is recommended that the forms be tailored to the individual activity as event-specific risks may apply based on the nature of the event/activity. 


Two notable exceptions to this policy are:

  1. Individuals who are on campus in a volunteer capacity.
  2. Students who are required to participate in an activity to satisfy an academic requirement; however, students participating in voluntary activities such as study abroad, club sports, summer research, or service opportunities are required to complete an assumption of risk / release of liability form. 

Release forms should be maintained for the required period by the College department which oversees the activity. 

Consultation with a member of the Contracts and Insurance Team is encouraged if you have questions regarding when to obtain a release form or the retention period.