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Yvonne Chireau

Professor of Religion

Yvonne Chireau


Areas of Expertise

  • Black American religion
  • Black female spirituality
  • African religions in America
  • Graphic novels
  • Manga


In the News

  • Magic in the United States - "Rootwork and the Great Migration"
  • Atlas Obscura - "Beneath an Old Fireplace, Evidence of the Spirituality of the Enslaved"
  • Well + Good - "For Black Millennials and Gen Z, Embracing Hoodoo Is Healing and Transformative"
  • Refinery 29 - "How Tarot & Astrology Became Black & Brown Women’s North Star"
  • NBC News - '"We're reclaiming these traditions': Black women embrace the spiritual realm"

  • Jezebel - "How to Talk About Religion Without Starting a Fight"
  • VICE - ""Black Magic: Hoodoo Witches Speak Out on the Appropriation of Their Craft""


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