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Use of Film and Photos

Swarthmore College does not collect release forms from its students, faculty, or staff members for the use of images or films taken on campus. The Swarthmore community is the best resource for illustrating the life of the College and as a result images of people publicly engaged in campus life are often taken for these purposes.

Still or video photo shoots by photographers employed by the College may be informal (candids of campus scenes, athletic events, performances, large groups or activities, etc.) or formal (such as planned visits to classrooms, laboratories or offices) in nature. These images may be added to the College's image library (maintained by the Communications Office), may be published on the website and in College publications, and/or provided to outside organizations for the use of illustrating or promoting the College.

On the rare occasions when individuals have raised concerns about the published use of their image, the Communications Office has been responsive to their requests. If you have such a concern, please contact