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Sustainable Practices

As part of the Communications Office's efforts to support and uphold the College's mission and strategic priorities, we are committed to implementing environmentally and financially sustainable processes for all of the work we produce. We continually evaluate our vendors and their procedures with this criteria in mind, and refine and revise them on a regular basis.

The vast majority of the College's printed publications, including for several years the Swarthmore College Bulletin and all of the College's admissions and aid materials, are produced using 100% recycled materials and LED-UV inks. These inks provide a 75% reduction in energy consumption needed for ink curing, produce zero ozone emissions, and separate from the paper during the recycling process and are able to be used again.

These projects are printed on a LED-UV press, and printed in, and either mailed or delivered to campus from, Lititz, Pa., which is located about 75 miles from Swarthmore, Pa.