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Media Policy

Swarthmore College welcomes visitors who want to learn more about our institution faculty, staff, and students. As home to a nationally accredited arboretum, we also take pride in the natural beauty of our campus and appreciate media interest in photography or videography of College premises.

As a private institution, Swarthmore College requires journalists, photographers/videographers, and other parties unaffiliated with the College to obtain permission from the Communications Office before coming to campus to conduct interviews, capture images/video, and record audio for broadcast and/or public distribution purposes. If you are interested in visiting campus for any of these reasons, please submit a request to for approval, no later than 48 hours prior to your anticipated arrival. A Communications Office representative will respond to your request as soon as possible. The College may also assign a Communications staff member to accompany you on campus to assist with logistics. Swarthmore College reserves the right to ask those who have not received prior approval to leave the premises.



For Commercial Filming, Photography, and Streaming

Requests to film should include:

  • Name and description of the organization or individual making the request
  • Name, address, and phone number of contact person
  • Project description, including the way in which Swarthmore will be portrayed and the intended use of the resulting material
  • Date(s) requested
  • Time and duration of proposed shoot
  • Specific site(s) requested
  • Number of people and amount and type of equipment involved
  • Any potential disruption (sound, light, physical, etc.) of College activities
  • Any specific requests to utilize College resources (personnel, student interns, electricity, etc.)
  • A certificate of insurance naming Swarthmore College, its officers, employees, and agents as additional insured, providing comprehensive general liability insurance, including personal injury and property damage

All film scripts must be reviewed by the Communications Office in consultation with other College offices, as relevant.

Photography and filming will be allowed only during times and in locations that are least likely to be disruptive to the academic process and student life.

No mention is to be made of or recognition given to Swarthmore College without permission.

A fee may be charged for the use of the location for each day or portion of a day. These fees may be waived or reduced if the photography is for educational or other bona fide public information purposes. In addition, the company or agency responsible for the shoot is responsible for all incurred expenses (electricians, security, food services, janitorial services, etc.).

To request permission for commercial filming, fill out this form.

For more information, please contact the Communications Office at or (610) 328-8533.