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Computer Guidelines

DO use boldface and italics where appropriate. (Don't underline classmates' names.)

DO use the tab key to indent paragraphs (rather than spacing in or setting the indent in the ruler).

DO use "smart quotes" (i.e., " " and ' ' instead of " " and ' ') if your program has them (but don't worry if it doesn't). If you use them, the apostrophe or single closed quote should be used before class years (e.g., John Doe '54).

DO put your name and address (including e-mail, if you have it) at the top of page 1 only (for Class Notes).

DO double-space with 2-inch margins all around.

DON'T put two spaces between sentences or after a colon; just use one.

DON'T use hard returns except at the end of a paragraph.