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Class Notes Style Guide

Names of classmates and other alumni
Boldface the name of every classmate or other alumna/us.
Initial cap names; do not use all caps.

Delete middle initial unless to differentiate between two class members with the same name.

The first time an alumna is mentioned, give the first name, maiden name, and married name (if applicable):

Elizabeth Mullins Jones
Give the first name and last name of a man:
Frank Jones
Frank and Elizabeth Mullins Jones

Continue to boldface each time the name is used.
Nicknames can be put in quotation marks, if the formal name also appears:
Elenor "Muffin" Reid (for first citation) and Muffin Reid (for subsequent citations).
Note: Don't assume that a college nickname is still acceptable unless you know firsthand from an alumnus/a that it is.
For alumni who are not classmates, always provide the appropriate class year: Phineas Finn '37. Do not put class year in parentheses or use a comma between name and class year.
Hugo and Carol Pray Churchill (same class)
Frank '43 and Carol Jones Oates (spouse in different class)
Mitzi and Peter Fodlaw (spouse not an alum)
Frank and Elenor Wood Costello's ['67] daughter (use brackets when possessive is followed by class year)

Assn. (written out if lowercase)
Dept. (written out if lowercase)
U. for University when it is part of a name of an institution

Dept. (written out if lowercase) capitalize academic departments and similar formal titles (e.g., at hospital, research corporation)

Lowercase "the" except in newspapers or books

Use lowercase italics for emphasis rather than all caps, boldface, or underline.

Abbreviating LA, NYC, Philly is fine; DC is OK when used alone. (But: Washington, D.C.)

Add year to dates unless it's in the 11 months preceding publication date of the magazine.