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Achilles Warns Patroclus: Iliad 16. 83-100

Hapax Legomenon

Achilles Warns Patroclus: Iliad 16. 83-100

by Lucy Van Essen-Fishman '08

But you obey, as in your heart I place this final word,
so that, for my sake, you may win great pride and honor
from all Danaans; but they must send back the lovely girl
again, and they, moreover, must grant me shining gifts.
But, having pushed them from the ships, come back, and if indeed
the loudly thundering lord of Hera gives you glory,
do not, at least, without me yearn to fight
the Trojans who love war, and make me so dishonored,
nor yet, too much exulting in the fight and conflict,
destroying Trojans, lead forth toward Ilion,
lest from Olympus some ever-living god
should interfere, for Apollo far-warder loves the Trojans well;
but once again turn back, when you have won the safety of the ships,
and let the others stay to fight throughout the plain.
O father Zeus, Athena, and Apollo, let it be
that not one Trojan may escape from death, though they are many,
nor one among the Argives, but that we two might flee our ruin,
so that, alone, we may undo the sacred veils of Troy.

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