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Course Majors & Minors

Course Majors and Minors

Course Major

  • Greek: 8.5 credits required, including .5-credit senior course study (see below). Two credits must come from an honors seminar in Greek.
  • Latin: 8.5 credits required, including .5-credit senior course study (see below).  Two credits must come from an honors seminar in Latin.
  • Classical Studies: 8.5 credits in Greek, Latin, Classical Studies or Ancient History including .5-credit senior course study (see below).  Two credits must come from a double-credit Classical Studies Capstone Seminar.  Other disciplines on campus offer  courses focused on aspects of classical antiquity (e.g. Art History, Philosophy, Political Science), and usually these will count toward completion of the major; students are advised to consult the chair for an accurate list of such courses.
  • Ancient History: A major in Ancient History consists of four Ancient History courses (ANCH 031, 032, 042, 044, 056, or 066), four credits in Greek or Latin, two credits of which must be from an honors seminar, and .5-credit senior course study. A second seminar in Latin or Greek may be substituted for two Ancient History courses.
  • Double major requirement:  8.5 credits in the Classics department as per the above including senior course study plus major requirements for second department major.

Course Minor

  • Greek: 5 credits in Greek.
  • Latin: 5 credits in Latin.
  • Classical Studies: 5 credits in Greek,  Latin, Classical Studies or Ancient History.
  • Ancient History: A course minor in Ancient History will consist of four courses in Ancient History, and an attachment to one of them.

Culminating Exercise/Senior Course Study

  • The culminating experience for course majors in Greek, Latin, Classical Studies, and Ancient History is a .5-credit senior course study (GREK 098, LATN 098, CLST 098, ANCH 098).  This independent study will be taken in the senior year to prepare for a graded oral exam taken in the Spring with the Classics faculty.  The oral exam will be based on a 2-credit seminar the student has completed.  The student will submit their final exam and a paper from the seminar, which may be revised.  The oral exam focuses on the seminar as a whole as well as on the paper and written exam submitted.

Advanced Placement/Internatioal Baccalaureate Credit

The department will grant one credit (only) for a grade of 5 on the Latin AP, or the IB equivalent. This credit may be counted toward the major or minor in Latin or CLST.