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Selected Faculty Publications

Rosaria Munson:

‘The Celebratory Purpose of Herodotus: The Story of Arion in the Histories’. Ramus 15.2

            (1986) 93-104. Reprinted in Herodotus, The Histories, ed. by J. T. Roberts and

            W. Blanco. W. W. Norton. Critical Edition Series. New York 1991.

‘Artemisia in Herodotus’, Classical Antiquity 7.1 (1988) 91-106.

‘The Madness of Cambyses’. Arethusa 24.1 (1991) 43-65.

‘Herodotus' use of prospective sentences and the story of Rhampsinitus and the thief in

            the Histories’.  American Journal of Philology 14/1 (1993) 27-44.

‘Three Aspects of Spartan Kingship in Herodotus’, in Nomodeiktes: Greek Studies in

            honor of Martin Ostwald, ed. by R. M. Rosen and J. Farrell. University of

            Michigan Press. Ann Harbor 1993.

‘Ananke in Herodotus’. Journal of Hellenic Studies 121 (2001) 30-50.

Telling Wonders : Ethnographic and Political Discourse in the Work of Herodotus.

            University of Michigan Press. Ann Harbor 2001.

Black Doves Speak: Herodotus and the Language of Barbarians. Center for Hellenic

            Studies Monographs. Harvard University Press. Cambridge, Mass. 2005.

‘Herodotus and Italy’, in The Cambridge Companion to Herodotus, ed. by C. Dewald and

           J. Marincola. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge 2006.

‘The Trouble with the Ionians: Herodotus’ Account of the Beginning of the Ionian

            Revolt’, in Reading Herodotus, Book Five, ed. by E. Irwin and E. Greenwood.

            Cambridge University Press. Cambridge 2007.

‘Conversazione a quattro’. Response to ‘Racconto storico e narratologia cognitiva: una

            proposta di lettura erodotea’, by M. Dorati. Aevum Antiquum NS 8 (2008) 73-77.

‘Who are Herodotus’ Persians’? Classical World 102 (2009) 457-70.

‘Persians in Thucydides’, in Thucydides and Herodotus: Connections, Divergences and

            Reception, ed. by E. Foster and D. Lateiner. Oxford University Press. Oxford


‘Herodotus and the Heroic Age: The Case of Minos’, in Myth, Truth, and Narrative in

        Herodotus, ed. by E. Baragwanath and M. de Baker. Oxford University Press.  Oxford 2012.

(ed.) Oxford Readings in Classical Studies: Herodotus. Oxford University Press. 2 vols.

            Oxford 2013.

‘Ethnicity in Herodotus’, in A Companion to Ethnicity in the Early Mediterranean, ed. by

           J. McInerney. Wiley-Blackwell. 2014.​

​Grace Ledbetter:

 Achilles' Self-Address: Iliad 16.7-19

 Reasons and Causes in Plato

 Poetics Before Plato: Interpretation and Authority in Early Greek Theories of Poetry

 Review of Isabelle Loring Wallace, Jennie Hirsh (ed.), Contemporary Art and Classical Myth 

Review of Fiona MacIntosh (ed.), The Ancient Dancer in the Modern World: Responses to Greek and Roman Dance [pdf] 


William Turpin

 Croesus, Xerxes, and the Denial of Death (Herodotus 1.29–34; 7.44–53).

Ovid, Amores Book 1 (online commentary, 2012): Dickinson College CommentariesReviewed in Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

 Ovid and his Muse in Amores 1.1


Jeremy Lefkowitz:

 Aesop And Animal Fables. In The Oxford Handbook of Animals in Classical Thought and Life, edited by G. L. Campbell.  

  Phaedrus, The Fabulist. In The Literary Encyclopedia, edited by R. Clark.

  Review of Le bestiaire d'Aristophane by C. Corbel-Morana.

 Ugliness and Value in the Life of Aesop. In Kakos: Badness and Anti-Value in Classical Antiquity , edited by I. Sluiter and R.M. Rosen.



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