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Our Program

Program Highlights

  • During the school year each child attends two of the 15 weekly small-group rehearsals. During the summer, the six-week, full-day summer learning program on the Swarthmore College campus includes arts, academics, and athletics.
  • Each student receives grade-appropriate instruction in music education with emphasis on sightreading, understanding theory, hearing and singing harmony, appreciating musical artistry, learning and performing classical music.
  • Advanced performers sing classical masterworks with Swarthmore College Chorus and Media Chamber Chorale.
  • Piano, theory, and composition lessons are given to advanced musicians.
  • 10-12 community-wide concerts are held each year in the Delaware Valley.


Swim Program

The Chester Children's Chorus offers swim lessons for children in grades 3, 4, & 5.  Local volunteers and Swarthmore staff are delighted by the progress that the children achieve in through consistent swim instruction.