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Our Program

children singing in chorus

The Chester Children's Chorus is a year-round organization that focuses on ... you guessed it ... the children of Chester. Throughout the academic year, CCC students encounter a plethora of positive experiences -- both musically and academically. From the maturation of their vocal talents via rehearsals and concerts, to the skill-building efforts of the math practice program, all of our students show continuous improvement in a variety of areas. In the summer, a rigorous six-week, full-day learning program focuses on music, math, science, art, swimming, and other areas of interest. Everyone involved truly benefits.


  • During the school year each child attends two of the 15 weekly small-group rehearsals. 

Music Education

  • Each student receives grade-appropriate instruction in music education with emphasis on sightreading, understanding theory, hearing and singing harmony, appreciating musical artistry, and learning and performing classical music.

  • Advanced performers sing classical masterworks with Swarthmore College Chorus and Media Chamber Chorale.


  • Piano, theory, and composition lessons are given to advanced musicians.

Math Practice Program

  • Students may also volunteer for the Math Practice Program, which allows for 1-on-1 math coaching with a Swarthmore College student twice per week. 


  • The CCC performs 10-12 community-wide concerts  each year in the Delaware Valley.

Choir Auditions for Children

Children are invited to join the chorus on the basis of musical potential, enthusiasm, and family support. Our music staff conducts annual auditions in second-grade classrooms in every public, charter, and religious school in Chester, and a new group of second-graders enters the chorus every summer. 

To be considered for Chorus membership, students must reside in the Chester school district and pass a singing audition. Please contact our office at 610-328-8180 if you would like to schedule an audition.