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Math Practice Program

The CCC is likely the only afterschool children’s chorus that has a full-time math teacher!

How did that happen? At a rehearsal in 2019, two girls asked for help with their math homework. They inspired others to ask for help showing a clear need for individualized instruction. That was the springboard for our now required Math Practice Program (MPP). 

Why Math?

  • Nearly every child in our program enters at least one grade level behind in math. In fact, only 3% of Chester’s 8th graders are at or above grade level in math.
  • Learning and applying math gives our children options when it comes to post-secondary success. 

About the Program

The CCC Math Practice Program is simple and powerful. 

We Assess, Practice, Encourage and Repeat. This gives the students the time and support they need to master concepts, and the instructors the specific information they need to help students learn.   

Assess - each student is assessed twice per year, and based on the results, an individual practice plan is created for that student.

Practice - students study and practice concepts until achieving mastery.  Our middle and high schoolers practice 1-to-1 with their math coaches, Swarthmore College students. Our elementary students practice in small groups and 1-to-1 with our full time math teacher, our education director, and Swarthmore College students.

Encouragement - The heart of MPP is encouragement. With small groups and 1-to-1 instruction, teachers and coaches have the opportunity to give our children the encouragement, attention, and kindness they need to do the hard work of reviewing and mastering concepts from previous grades.   

Repeat - The MPP cycle repeats weekly, monthly, yearly; this repetition allows instructors to respond continually to their students’ progress and struggles, and gives the students the time they need to build confidence, skill, and understanding.      

The CCC Math Practice Program Schedule

  • Nearly all of CCC children (99/102) are practicing math.
  • In fall and spring semesters, our children practice twice weekly.
  • During our Summer Learning Program, they practice daily.
college student teaching boy math
two girls practicing math
two girls practicing math
college student teaching girl math
college student and two boys solving math problems
two children practicing math with college tutor
college tutor and child practicing math on a laptop
college student and child solving math problems on a white board
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