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CCC is 25!!

Relive the magical moments of the 25th Anniversary Gala

25th Anniversary Video

The goosebumps start early. The tears soon follow. 

Thanks to all of our Supporters!

CCC Board Chair Philip H. Lebowitz awarding our Honoree Cordelia Delson!

The Chamber Chorus with another SPECIAL performance.

John Alston announces Cordelia Delson as an honorary Alto member of the CCC.

Swarthmore College president Valerie Smith introduces the 25th Anniversary video.

Elizabeth Rubin and Ellen Pierce starting off the festivities.



African Dance legend Jeannine Osayande hugging Cordelia Delson.

John Alston briefly taking over (and dominating) the auction duties. 

Cordelia Delson in her new role among the CCC!

Chorus Members in awe of John Wehmiller's pictures of the CCC over the years.

Thanks to all of our Supporters!

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