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SwatTank 2023

Welcome to SwatTank!

Over the past 11 years, SwatTank teams have created many outstanding projects that have included: online learning platforms to connect Mongolian high school students with the college admissions process, developed an app to better connect performers to music venues, and disrupted business casual wear with interchangeable collars. Innovation is everywhere and we’re looking for the next project to take the mantle of Swarthmore’s premier innovation competition.

SwatTank is happening - Friday, April 21, 2023! SwatTank is the CIL's favorite in-house business concept competition, where teams of Swat students come up with brand-new business ideas, pitch the concept to fellow Swatties, and go all in for the chance to win financial awards!  

SwatTank is all about  bold, fresh, new ideas; an opportunity to explore new possibilities as a nascent entrepreneur.

Open to everyone, this year we are running preparation sessions over two BootCamp weekends; Bootcamp 1: to work on that fabulous idea, find some partners and prepare your pitch, and for those folks invited to the next round  Bootcamp 2: building out the idea on the Business Model Canvas.  In addition to Bootcamps, you will receive support from our team of business concept mentors. 
Here are the dates:

  • Bootcamp 1
    • Feb 18th from 10am-3pm 
    • Feb 19 from 10am-12pm
    • McCabe Lib Lab
  • Bootcamp 2
    • April 1st 10am-3pm
    • April 2nd, 10am-pm
    • McCabe Lib Lab
  • SwatTank competition!!
    • April 21st from 4pm-6pm
    • Sci 101

All projects and teams will be evaluated and a select few will be invited to pitch their ideas for prizes live to a round of judges. If your team is chosen to compete in the finals, you’ll receive extensive support in developing your idea that includes learning modules, consulting with a professional mentor, and customized coaching sessions.

  • Team + Team Name It is expected that each team has between 2-5 members.  Students are discouraged from competing in SwatTank alone. A point person should be nominated from each team to be responsible for submitting the Report + Pitch video on behalf of the whole team.
  • Video Pitch must be less than 5-minute in length. All team members must be part of the pitch. Slide decks are optional but not required for Round One.

Meet this year's Judges!