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Staff & Contact Information

The Center for Innovation and Leadership is located in Parrish Hall, Room 117.

Swing by the office anytime or email Katie to set up an appointment.

Staff at the CIL

Katie Clark

Katie Clark

Center for Innovation and Leadership
Parish Hall 125




Tara Roeder

Graduate Assistant
Center for Innovation and Leadership
Intercultural Center

Student Innovation Interns

Eliana Cohen, 2017

Hi Everyone! My name is Eliana, and I'm a senior from Ridgefield, CT. I created my own major in organizational behavior drawing from the psychology, economics, and sociology departments. Outside of classes, you can find me giving campus tours, working in our career services office, spending time with my Theta sisters, or of course, working on projects for the CIL. I'm so excited about the CIL because I think that   liberal arts students are uniquely positioned to harness the problem-solving and critical thinking skills developed in the classroom and to channel them into leadership skills during and after college. The CIL provides such an incredible opportunity for us to explore that link, which is why, as a CIL intern, I'm looking forward to engaging with you on campus this year!


Jenny Gao, 2018

My name is Jenny and I am a Psychology major and Statistics minor from Cherry Hill, NJ. I joined CIL to learn about career opportunities that combine my varied interests and experiences. In my free time I am in rehearsals for Rhythm 'N Motion Dance Company or speaking to prospective students at the Admissions Office. My guilty pleasure is socks with sandals.





Gilbert Guerra, 2019


Hi! My name is Gilbert Guerra, I'm a sophomore from Mississippi majoring in Political Science and minoring in Peace and Conflict. On campus I serve as the founder and president of the Human Library Project, an initiative designed to create greater unity and understanding among the student body. I joined the CIL because Swarthmore students are going to be some of the foremost leaders of our generation across all fields, and I want to help them acquire the skills and resources they need along the way.





Mary Mannion, 2017

My name is Mary Mannion and I am a senior here at Swarthmore. I am an English major. I first began my internship with the CIL in Fall 2015, and I have enjoyed it immensely. The CIL encourages and fosters students’ interpersonal and professional skills, and supports the idea that each and every person can be a leader! I think that the CIL is an extremely important center on campus and I am proud to work here.  





Andrew Steele, 2017

Hi, my name is Andrew Steele and I’m a computer science major and engineering minor from Houston, Texas. I think the CIL is an extremely valuable resource for Swatties in that it focuses on developing important skills such as leadership, creativity, and entrepreneurship.