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Reflections from the Unknown

A CIL Intern Project

The Center for Innovation and Leadership invited all members of the Swarthmore community to participate in a special project designed by our student interns. This project was created to help inspire people to use creativity to make something as we all reflect on how our worlds changed since the start of the global pandemic. The impacts of the pandemic are felt by everyone and processing the range of emotions and experiences can feel immense. The point of this project is to provide one way to help guide our community through that process and should stimulate creativity however you choose to reflect.

In the CIL, we believe that creativity can be a useful tool for us when we feel isolated or overwhelmed. As we reflect and grow, staying in tune with our creative selves can open new ways of thinking about our day-to-day reality. We also see reflection as an important skill in becoming a leader and we hope this process teaches you something new along the way.

This was our prompt:
Walk us through a challenge, or an experience, you have faced since everything changed in March 2020. This could be something you are currently working through, have made progress in, or have overcome. We are specifically looking for participants to submit their responses using something visual like a painting or drawing, words like a poem or short story, or anything your mind wants to use to describe, show, and share the many and valued experiences you have had this year.