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Welcome to the iBlog, a blog about innovative ideas, people, and actions all curated by the CIL interns. Here you'll find kernels of information to get you thinking like an innovator - we hope you enjoy.


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10/2 - The 'Rise of the Rest' tour hits Philly - encouraging Philly area growth in "socially relevent start-ups." - David


9/30 - The 100 most powerful women in the world, as told by Forbes - Mary


9/30 - This article asks us to step outside our comfort zones in order to succeed in professional and personal endeavors - Mary


9/22 - The best of Millennial innovation and entrepreneurship is profiled in the Levo 100: a list of 100 extraordinary Millennials “redefining the world as we know it." - Antonia


9/22 - Psychologists suggest that incentives and deadlines can’t buy breakthrough ideas. - Antonia