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Gilbert , S. F. and Epel, D. 2015. Ecological Developmental Biology: The Environmental Regulation of Development, Health, and EvolutionSinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA.

Gilbert, S. F. Developmental Biology, Sinauer Associates and Oxford University Press. 

  • First edition: 1985. Reprinted in Spanish (1987) and Italian (1988).
  • Second edition: 1988. Reprinted in Japanese (1991) and Russian (1993). 
  • Third edition: 1991. Reprinted in Portuguese (1994)
  • Fourth edition: 1994. Reprinted in French (1996)
  • Fifth edition: 1997.
  • Sixth edition: 2000. Reprinted in Portuguese.
  • Seventh edition: 2003. Reprinted in prepared in Korean, French, and Russian.
  • Eighth edition: 2006. 
  • Ninth edition: 2010.
  • Tenth edition: 2013 Translated in Japanese, Korean.
  • Eleventh edition: 2016 (with Michael Baressi) (Translated into Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese)
  • Twelfth edition: 2019 (with Michael Baressi)

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Gilbert, S. F. (editor). 2021. Current Topics in Developmental Biology 141: Evolutionary Developmental Biology. Academic Press. Cambridge, MA



Asterisks (*) denote Swarthmore undergraduate researchers

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