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Research Opportunities At Swarthmore Biology

Dev biol lab with dawn carone

Swarthmore students conduct research:

Note: Research can be conducted for academic credit OR paid compensation. 

Most students pursue research within the framework of a faculty member's area of expertise or interest. 

Independent Research Projects (BIOL 094) and Directed rEadings (BIOL 093)

These are done with individual faculty members and can proved credit(s) towards your degree.  Additional requirements may be needed if completing more than one credit of BIOL 093 Directed Reading and/or BIOL 094 Research.

Paid Research positions - academic year

Faculty members sometimes have need of research support and are willing to compensate students for their efforts.  Reach out to someone you are interested in working with or contact the Administrative Coordinator to learn of any available opportunities.

Summer Research - Paid or academic credit

The College provides opportunities for students to perform research over the summer.  Students usually contact Swarthmore faculty toward the end the Fall semester or very early in the Spring Semester if they are interested in working in a Swarthmore lab during the summer.  Students interested in research opportunities are strongly encouraged to speak to potential faculty mentors well in advance of the Spring semester application deadline. There are summer stipends available as well.

More information about summer 2024 Biology research opportunities can be found on the presentation from the Summer Research Info Session in November and the Summer 2024 List of Opportunities @ Swat Bio. You can also find Research Opportunities @ Outside Institutions.