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Greenhouse Layout

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Guidelines for Greenhouse Use

1. Anyone wishing to use the facilities must first contact a member of the greenhouse staff. One of them will set up a time to meet with you to discuss your needs and whether they can be accommodated.

2. Information that you should bring to the meeting includes: the number of plants and pots you are requesting, the duration of the experiment and any special care needs (all greenhouse plants are watered as needed by Greenhouse Staff).

3.You must SIGN IN each time you enter the greenhouse. Record the date and time in the log book.

4. The Greenhouse Manager or staff member will walk you through the process of planting. Each pot must be labeled with a white plastic label in pencil. This information includes: initials, date planted, species name and course number. This, in addition to your contact information, must be recorded in the logbook.

4. Potting mix is located under the potting bench in white plastic bins.Sweep spilled potting mix and dispose of in the trash. DO NOT RETURN USED POTTING MIX TO THE BINS. Contamination of the mix and/or bins can cost countless research hours and dollars.

5. Once potted, your plants will be watered by Greenhouse Staff as needed, unless specified otherwise.

6. At the conclusion of your experiment, please dispose of your plants. Plants in small (3 x 5") pots, along with labels, can be disposed of in the greenhouse trash. Clean out all mix and stack the pots in the neighboring plastic bin.Plants in larger containers should be walked out to the dumpster behind Martin.

7. DO NOT BRING PLANTS INTO THE GREENHOUSE. This can introduce insects or disease.

8. If you notice insects or plant damage, please place a blue stake in the flat and notify one of the greenhouse staff immediately with details.

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Greenhouse Staff

Rhonda Hilt

Greenhouse Manager



  1. Phone: (610) 690-5761
  2. Martin GH
Rhonda Hilt

Nick Kaplinsky

Associate Professor & Department Chair

Plant Molecular Genetics


  1. Phone: (610) 328-8039
  2. Martin 106

Research: Molecular genetics of plant abiotic stress response

José-Luis Machado

Associate Professor

(on leave F'20-S'21)



  1. Phone: (610) 328-8562
  2. Singer 401

Research: Invasive species and plant physiological ecology of temperate and tropical ecosystems