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Registering to Vote Outside of Pennsylvania

College students have the right to register to vote at the address they consider the place where they live — whether that’s their family's home or the place where they attend school. You may only be registered and vote in one location., Campus Vote Project, and the US Vote Foundation are all good nonpartisan resources that can help you register to vote, confirm your registration, and cast your ballot in your preferred state.

Election deadlines, dates, and rules vary by state. outlines voter and election day registration deadlines for all 50 states, and you can complete your voter registration for anywhere in the US through their website.

Check your state's deadlines on

Register in your state on
Campus Vote Project features information specially curated for students — listing registration deadlines, dates, and state specific rules. You can register through Campus Vote Project once you click on your preferred state.

View student voting guides with Campus Vote Project
The US Vote Foundation outlines dates and deadlines at the federal/state level as well as the local/municipal level.

Check dates and deadlines with the US Vote Foundation