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Deciding How To Vote

You've registered, decided how you want to vote, done your research, now it's time to cast your ballot. 

Voting By Mail

Voting by mail means you request and receive a ballot in the mail — fill it out, and return it before or on election day. The regulations around mail-in voting vary from state to state, but most states allow for mail-in voting if certain conditions are met. There are different types of mail-in voting:

  • Excuse: Voters in these states will need to provide a valid excuse for not voting in-person on election day in order to vote by absentee ballot.
  • No excuse: Any voter in these states can vote by absentee/mail-in ballot, even if they are able to vote in person on election day.
  • Mail-in only: Voters in these states only need to request an absentee ballot if they need their ballot mailed to a different address. 

Note: In most instances, you must be registered to vote in order to receive a mail-in or absentee ballot and must request a ballot.

Voting in Person

Voting in person is just like it sounds. When you register, you’re assigned to a SPECIFIC polling location in your region. On election day, go to that polling location during their prescribed hours to cast your vote. Some states (not Pennsylvania) allow people to cast their votes in person prior to election day. Regardless of where you vote, most states (including Pennsylvania) require first time voters to show ID when going to the polls.