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The Title IX Office is continuously working with student groups, campus partners, and community organizations to provide ongoing, student-driven events, workshops, and training around sexual violence prevention and response.

Scroll down to read more about some of our standing programs and student groups, as well as to view a calendar of upcoming events. For any questions around programming, please email Chelsey Eiel at or call (610) 957-6409.

Title IX Talks

Title IX Talks is a series of roundtable discussions covering important topics within the field of prevention, remedy, and response work to sexual violence and gender discrimination. These 75-minute discussions are meant to plant seeds that can grow into more fruitful community dialogue around harm reduction. The focus is on education, providing a container to ask questions and resources for further learning.

Do you have any suggestions for topics to cover in future Title IX Talks? Please reach out to Chelsey Eiel at or call (610) 957-6409 to discuss.

Trauma-Informed Writing Workshop

This workshop draws on mindfulness techniques and meditation philosophy as a framework for writing practice. Participants are encouraged to safely explore difficult experiences on the page through four "pillars of practice," which focus on breath, self-talk, narrative, and discomfort. Groups are intentionally kept small in order to honor the privacy of participants and create space for vulnerability. All sharing is voluntary and not a requisite aspect of the workshop; this is a non-performative space where all types of participation are recognized.

The next workshop series will open in Fall 2024.

STIX Leaders

Student Title IX Leaders demonstrate a foundational belief in gender equity. Acting as liaisons between the Title IX Office and the campus community, STIX Leaders are representatives of diverse student experiences. These student leaders have strong connections with existing student groups, and help our office to develop, implement, and publicize programming around sex, consent, healthy relationships, boundaries, resiliency, and trauma-informed care. The STIX Leaders program is a peer-led, self-directed group supported by Title IX staff.

The Title IX Office seeks to empower STIX Leaders to:

  • Create and implement campus-wide programming
  • Facilitate difficult conversations
  • Act as advocates for all students on campus, specifically within their communities of interest
  • Understand the TIX process
  • Communicate the TIX process to the student community
  • Promote the health and well-being of everyone at Swat

The next STIX Leader application cycle will open in August 2024.

How to Get Involved

If you are a member of the Swarthmore community and interested in collaborating with us, please complete Title IX Workshop & Training Request Form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our office also partners with organizations in the community to bring panel discussions, special programs, and guest speaker events to campus. Please reach out to Chelsey Eiel at or call (610) 957-6409 with all inquiries.

The CPN Seal represents the highest standard for online prevention education, with a rigorous set of criteria to ensure we are making a measurable impact across the critical areas of sexual assault, alcohol and drug misuse, mental health, and diversity and inclusion.


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