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Productions & Events

A four-picture grid. One picture has a person with a beige hat on and a red scarf and black blazer and they are holding their hand up in a stop position.  Another person is wearing a long white dress and a gold crown and their back is towards in the camera in a spotlight.  Another person is wearing a blond wig and a green cardigan and they are holding their cheek.  And a final photo is of four people in a family portrait pose sitting side by side on a bench facing the camera.
Photos by M. Asli Dukan.  Clockwise l-r: Alex Lehner '22 and Lydia Churchill '22 in Aaron Posner's Stupid F*cking Bird directed by Rohan Hejmadi '22 and Drew McMahan ’22, Michael Nutt ’23, Rose Palmieri ’24, Daniel Oakes ’24 and Selma Wu ’25 in Thornton Wilder's Skin of Our Teeth directed by Professor K. Elizabeth Stevens.


Many thanks to all who joined us for the 2021-2022 season at Swarthmore Theater.  Stay tuned here for updates on next season! 


For details on the productions and events from the 2021-2022 season, and all past seasons, go here.


Clockwise L-R: Fouad Dakwar '22 in R3TURN, Drew McMahan '22 and Shay Downey '22 in SKIN OF OUR TEETH directed by K. Elizabeth Stevens, Raya Tuffaha '23 in R3TURN directed by Zaina Dana '21, Lydia Churchill '22 and Grace Griego '22 in STUPID F*CKING BIRD directed by Rohan Hejmadi '22.

All photos by M. Asli Dukan.
Four actors on a bare stage in contemporary clothing, two in the foreground at a microphone, and two in the background dumping a bucket of water on their heads.

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. by Alice Birch, Directed by Alex Torra. From L to R: Sarah Branch '17, Emily Uhlmann '19, Citlali Pizarro '20, Rex Chang '17

Dave Tavani.

Annual productioNS

The Department's typical "season" of performances consists of Production Ensemble (a professionally directed and designed full length production), Acting Capstone (a faculty-directed production with advanced acting students), Senior Company (a project collectively created by Senior Majors with department support), one or more honors thesis productions, and Night of Scenes (a biannual showcase of work generated in Directing I and Directing II). In addition, we typically present at least one major residency and performance by a distinguished visiting company. The overwhelming majority of this performance activity is for academic credit with intensive involvement of faculty members and guest artists as teachers, collaborators, and mentors.

How to Get Involved

Most productions are also courses, so the best way to get involved is to sign up for the corresponding course. Students can earn up to 1 credit for working on a department show. For more information, contact the show’s director (or, for Senior Company, Laila Swanson). If you are interested in getting paid to work on the production team of a show, send an email to Jean Tierno describing your area(s) of interest.