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Application Process/Eligibility

Most programs follow these steps, but not all do. Please verify for each program.

If you're considering applying for funding for the summer,  follow the steps below to determine how to begin. 


  • Applications for all summer stipend positions ($5500 for up to 10 weeks, full-time) are through WizeHive. Some depts do not use other electronic application systems (e.g. Career Services uses Handshake.)
  • Each opportunity has its own WizeHive application
  • WizeHive requires the following forms to apply:
    • Common Application Form
    • Risk & Compliance
  • Additional application requirements are dependent upon the program. Examples of additional materials include:
    • Transcripts
    • Résumé
    • Faculty and/or Staff Recommendation Letter
    • Advising Sessions with Program Administrators
  • Deadlines are dependent upon the program
    • Most summer stipend applications open in January with deadlines in February
    • Decisions are announced in March
    • Universal student acceptance deadline is April 1


  • Currently enrolled first year, sophomore, or junior 
  • Be in good academic and conduct standing with the College
      • To participate in a summer funded experience, students must be in good standing concerning both their academic program and conduct. A review of student standing will be conducted with the Dean's Office prior to the final awarding of summer grants, which will help determine student eligibility
  • Fullfilled all requirements from any previous summer stipends (such as Common Exit Inventory, donor letters, etc)
  • Students must agree to summer maximum stipend/earning rules
    • $5500 is the maximum in stipends a student can receive in a given summer
    • Students cannot work in a JobX position while under the stipend, and vice versa. See SEO's policy: "Please note that a student may not work in an hourly position and a stipend summer position concurrently. However, a student may work before and after the dates of their formal 8 or 10-week summer project or internship. This must be clearly documented in an email to the student so there is a formal agreement and understanding; as well as a record of the dates the student is employed in both positions."
  • International Students:
    • F1/J1 visa holders must apply for work authorization. Please meet with a member of the International Student Center to discuss your opportunity and apply
  • Undocumented Students: