Student Health Plan

The student health plan is an affordable health insurance plan available for all enrolled students to purchase annually.  All enrolled students must have health insurance either through the college student health plan or through a private health insurance plan.  Every April a request is sent to students from the Dean's office for updated health insurance information.   Health insurance information must be updated annually even if your health insurance information remains the same as last year.  The deadline to respond to this request for information is June 15.  If the student's health insurance information is not received by the June 15 deadline, they will be enrolled in the college health plan and charged the full premium amount on their July tuition statement. 

Parents have the option of updating the student's health insurance information on-line by logging into their E-bill account and selecting the "Health Insurance" tab or by downloading the Insurance Enrollment Form [PDF] to waive or enroll in the college student health plan which provides coverage effective from August 17 to August 16, the following year.

For questions regarding enrollment call Mary Jane Palma at 610-328-8062 or email at

For questions regarding financial assistance with the health insurance premium contact the financial aid office at