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Tao Wang

Assistant Professor



  2. Phone: (610) 957-6139
  3. Kohlberg 214
  4. Office Hours: Thursdays 1:00pm-3:00pm and by appointment

curriculum vitae



"Ellsberg Paradox: Ambiguity and Complexity Aversions Compared," with Jaromír Kovářík and Dan Levin, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2016, 52(1): 47–64. Final verstion + appendices.

“'Extending Society': The Role of Interpersonal Networks and Gratification-Utilities in the Use of Interactive Communication Media,” with John Dimmick, Shufang-Lin and Artemio Ramirez Jr, 2007, New Media & Society, 9(5), 795-810.

Toward an Economic Theory of Media Diffusion Based on the Parameters of the Logistic Growth Equation,” with John Dimmick, 2005, Journal of Media Economics, 18(4), 233-246.

Book review of The Green Paradox: A Supply-Side Approach to Global Warming by Hans-Werner Sinn, Journal of Economic Literature, 2012, 50(4), 1145-1146.


Working Papers

Climate Change Policy and Patterns of International Trade,” submitted.

Carbon Motivated Border Adjustments in Combating 'Carbon Leakage,'” submitted.

Technology, International Trade and Carbon Emissions of US Industry,” submitted.


Works in Progress

“Delivery Lag, Demand Uncertainty and the Patterns of International Trade”

“Tax versus Quota as a Unilateral Policy: the Case with a Global Bad”

“Trade Liberalization and Environmental Outcomes: evidence from Vietnamese Firms,” with Trung Trinh

“Trade, FDI and the Environment: an Analysis of Chinese Provinces,” with Tuan Anh Luong



Econ 001 Introduction to Economics (syllabus)

Econ 031 Introduction to Econometrics (syllabus)

Econ 051 International Trade and Finance (syllabus)

Econ 083 East Asian Economies (syllabus)

Econ 151 international Economics Honors Seminar (syllabus)