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Class of '19 Scholars

Tessa Chambers '19

Hometown: West Fargo, ND

High School: West Fargo High School

Intended Major: Political Science

Possible Career: Public Defender


Brittni Teresi '19

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

High School: Ed W. Clark

Intended Major: Environmental Studies and Psychology 

Possible Career: Non-profit Sector and/or Clinical Psychology


Jesus Hernandez '19

Hometown: Sylmar, CA

High School: Granada Hills Charter High School

Intended Major: Engineering

Possible Career: Assistive Technology


Khulan Namjilsuren '19

Hometown: Parker, CO

Romeo Luevano '19

Hometown: Artesia, NM

High School: Artesia High School

Intended Major: Anthropology

Possible Career: Professor


Saadiq Garba '19

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

High School: Saint Albas School

Intended Major: Biology/PEAC


Samuel Shih '19

Hometown: South San Francisco, CA

High School: Burlingame High School

Intended Major: Computer Science, Philosophy, Cognitive Science

Possible Career: Software Engineer


Valeria Ochoa '19

Hometown: Bristol, PA

Intended Major: Political Science with a concentration of Educational Studies and possible Physics

Possible Career: Somewhere in the research vector, either as a physicist or educational research - dream would be Department of Education