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The Swarthmore Twitter 100 Continued

The Swarthmore Twitter 100
  1. Issenberg

    Sasha Issenberg '02: @sissenberg

    Journalist Issenberg comments on the political news and reporting of the day. He also holds court @victorylab, the title of his book on the science of political campaigns.

  2. Johnson

    Krister Johnson '95: @KristerJohnson

    Caretaker of a cat named Steve, follow Johnson for fun musings on professional sports, current events, and whatever he is thinking that day.

  3. Johnson

    Timothy Johnson III '07: @tjohnsoniii

    Connector, conversationalist, and admits to geeking out to science and technology.

  4. Jones

    Vincent Jones '98: @citizenjones76

    Not many people can say their Twitter profile picture is of him or herself with the president of the United States – but Jones can. Based in Southern Calif., Jones tweets on local and national politics and education and community work.

  5. Kabak

    Benjamin Kabak '05: @bkabak

    A tweeter of all things New York, Kabak is the writer behind @nytonit, which parodies New York Times stories and was named one of Time's "140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2012." Kabak, a lawyer, also blogs @SecondAveSagas.

    Sample tweet: "GUYS, it's 12/12/12, and The Times was ON IT....100 years ago.…"

  6. Kluchin

    Abby Kluchin '03: @counter_factual

    Kluchin was recently featured in The Bulletin for her work @BklynInstitute.

    Sample tweet: "we'll be reading and discussing plato, paul, augustine, descartes, brumberg, bordo atwood, foucalt, cixous, irigaray, etc." Sounds good!

  7. Lathan

    Corinna Lathan '88: @clathan

    An entrepreneur, engineer, designer, and roboticist, Lathan spoke at TEDxSwarthmore and keeps her Twitter followers informed on a variety of social issues.

  8. Leive

    Cindi Leive '88: @cindi_leive

    Fans of @glamourmag, did you know a Swattie is the editor-in-chief? Leive has been at the helm since 2001.

    Sample tweet: "Just won a round of Celebrity w/my kid at the 5th grade holiday off to @glamourmag fete...I predict only slightly less shrieking"

  9. Levin

    Carl Levin '56: @SenCarlLevin

    Whether he's walking in the Detroit Labor Day parade or participating in a subcommittee hearing on corporations and the tax code, Senator Levin's Twitter feed has you covered on all things Levin.

  10. Linde

    David Linde '82: @dtlinde

    Currently the CEO of Lava Bear Films, Linde has more than 20 years of experience as a producer and entrepreneur and most recently served as chairman of Universal Pictures. Follow him to find out what he's watching – and to cheer on the Spurs.

  11. Madden

    James Madden '06: @JMaddenMass

    A devout Bruins fan, Madden tweets on urban planning, affordable housing, and Massachusetts politics.

    Sample tweet: "Best way to start a work day? Finding out the grant you helped write won $29.5 million to turn around a neighborhood

  12. Marin

    Chris Marin '96: @chmarin

    A business and community leader based in Raleigh, N.C., Marin advocates on behalf of his city and recently lived tweeted from TEDxRaleigh.

  13. Martinez

    Sabrina Martinez '92: @sabrina44

    Former president of the Alumni Council and now chair of the nominating committee, Martinez will keep your day positive with her inspirational tweets.

  14. McKend

    Eva McKend, '11: @evamckend

    A multimedia journalist, McKend tweets throughout the day on all things media from the presidential debates to episodes of her favorite television shows.

  15. Lee

    Danielle Moss Lee '90: @DrDanielleLee

    "Why do I Y? Because I want my 16 yr old #daughter to believe in herself? Why do you Y?" Lee is the new CEO @YWCANYC. Keep up with the latest Y news and Lee's posts on women in the workplace.

  16. Muchnick

    Laurie Muchnick '86: @lauriemuchnick

    Looking for your next book to read? Look no further than Muchnick's Twitter feed – she is the book review editor @BloombergNews.

  17. Ng

    Lily Ng '08: @LilyNg7

    A Swarthmore Connection Chair and social media analyst, Ng tweets regularly about current events, and earns a lot of social media badges.

  18. Nyhan

    Brendan Nyhan '00: @BrendanNyhan

    Political scientist and media critic, Nyhan is currently an assistant professor of government @dartmouth College.

    "Nothing says Playbook like a dispatch on a DC insider party featuring wacky surprise guest Eric Estrada

  19. Nyombayire

    Stephanie Nyombayire '08: @stephsimbi

    Based in Rwanda, Nyombayire works to hold people, agencies, and governments to task while inspiring others to do the same. Also a TEDxSwarthmore speaker, Nyombayire co-founded with @MarkHanis and Andrew Sniderman '07 what is now @antigenocide (United to End Genocide).

    Sample tweet: "Gen#Rwanda univ students graduation, frm being called "vulnerable" 2 being top of their class.This is what nt wasting opportunity looks like!"

  20. O'Connell

    Ford O'Connell '00: @FordOConnell

    An admitted political junkie and sports enthusiast, and a frequent commentator on FOX News and CNN, O'Connell tweets up to the minute on the latest election polls and punditry.

  21. Partee

    Barbara Partee '61: @bhpartee

    Professor emerita of linguistics and philosophy @UMassAmherst, Partee interacts with her followers on current events and the latest on her grandchildren.

  22. Peters

    Jonathan Peters '09: @jonpeters87

    "If they asked me, I could write a book," says Peters in his Twitter profile. A screenwriter and editor based in Los Angeles, Peters writes and tweets a column @inreads, in addition to ruminations on various literary works.

  23. Pipes

    Lenore Pipes '08: @lpipes

    A professional cyclist and cancer researcher @TheWistar Institute, Pipes tweets on and off the road.

    Sample tweet: "Manuscript accepted! My first first author paper :) Lots of hard work to do before our data gets released with our publication."

  24. Pittman

    Genevra Pittman '08: @genevrapittman

    A medical journalist @Reuters_Health, Pittman splices her tweets on health news with her views on professional sports.

  25. Porter

    Dawn Porter '88: @dawnporterm

    Filmmaker, lawyer, and founder of Triology Films, Porter tweets about her latest projects, news on fellow female filmmakers, and movies and events that interest her.

  26. Price

    Joel F. W. Price '00: @jfwp

    "Connector. Musician. Educator. Photographer. Amateur Cook and Canner. Athlete. @edSocialMedia blogger. Not necessarily in that order."

  27. Robbins

    Claire Robbins '01: @ClaireKRobbins

    "Visiting Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Virginia Tech. Fierce about social justice. Love writing, cooking, travel, dogs. Been told I'm a hoot!"

  28. Ruff

    Carin Ruff '87: @carinr

    "D.C.-based heritage urbanist, Quondam futuraque medievalist. Living a dog-centered life in Ward 4; stirring things up in Ward 3."

    Sample tweet: "Really productive meeting w/HPO this afternoon. It's heartening to talk to knowledgeable preservationists and know we're on the same page."

  29. Russo

    Julie Levin Russo '01: @j_l_r

    "queer, convergence, fandom, remix" – Russo's feed delves into them all.

  30. Sagolla

    Dom Sagolla '96: @dom

    An early champion and master of the form, Sagolla helped create the platform and is the author of @thebook 140 Characters. Follow Sagolla and you'll feel like you are surfing, too.

  31. Saletan

    William Saletan '87: @saletan

    Covering science, technology, and politics @Slate, Saletan's Twitter profile declares, "When people say ‘Don't go there,' I go there."

    Sample tweet: "Previous record mass-shooting body count at a US elementary school is 5. There's no precedent for the NRA enduring anything like Sandy Hook."

  32. Shainin

    Jonathan Shainin '00: @jonathanshainin

    Shainin makes the leap from studying film theory at Swarthmore to serving as senior editor @thecaravanindia, a journal of politics and culture in New Delhi, look easy.

    Sample tweet: "The hardest thing about living abroad is missing the War on Christmas every year."

  33. Shook

    Jennifer Shook '97: @PoeticsHeretic

    Founding artistic director @CaffeineTheatre and a Ph.D. student @uiowa, Shook tweets on literary works and plays.

    Sample tweet: "Happy 197th birthday to Ada Lovelace, "enchantress of numbers," Byronic daughter, proto-computer-programmer"

  34. Skorpen

    Miles Skorpen '09: @milesskorpen

    Tweets and works on mobile commerce and technology, and hates semicolons.

  35. Smith

    Andy Smith '01: @andysmithsc

    Executive director @NickTheatre, South Carolina's nonprofit cinema the Nickelodeon, Smith tweets on theater happenings and his everyday musings.

  36. Spanninger

    Martha Spanninger '76 : @spam1004

    "New Yorker, journalist, documentary filmmaker, futurista, Mom, Swattie life long learner, part-time Philly girl."

  37. Spock

    Tom Spock '78: @TSpock

    Another Arsenal fan! Spock is a member of Swarthmore's Board of Managers, a media, entertainment, and sports consultant, and former NFL and NBC executive.

  38. Stevens

    Sabrina Stevens '07: @TeacherSabrina

    A "teacher-turned-advocate for kids, teachers & communities," Stevens is "pro-#edreform that works for real people, not the corporate kind."

  39. Swingen

    Abby Swingen '97: @AbbySwingen

    As a "historian, parent, nerd," Swingen tweets on a variety of topics, from home-made brownies to sex and gender in 16th-century Britain.

    Sample tweet: "Apparently there has been a run on Hanukkah candles in Lubbock. I can't find them anywhere. #whatisgoingon"

  40. Temin

    Davia Temin '74: @DaviaTemin

    When she is not writing for Forbes and Huffington Post on strategic communications, the CEO of Temin and Company shares her perspective on the latest public relations fires with her Twitter followers.

    Sample tweet: "Catalyst 2012 Census of Fortune 500 OUT -- NO change for Women in Top Leadership REALLY?…"

  41. Theodosiou

    Noël Theodosiou '94: @noelatheo

    Founder of a marketing strategy company Luminous Ltd., Theodosiou tweets about "customer-centric" activities and organizational leadership.

  42. Threlkeld

    Lizzie Threlkeld '09: @ethrelkeld

    A foreign service officer for the Department of State, follow Threlkeld as she travels the globe and tweets on the latest international news.

  43. Tsina

    Lesley Tsina '96: @lesleytsina

    A writer and comedian, Tsina tweets about her upcoming shows. She entered herself into the running for Jeopardy last year.

  44. Variano

    Dana Variano '06: @wheresmysled

    Couldn't do better than this Twitter profile summary – "Geek: Film, history, human rights. Grind: skating, surfing, ultimate. Gob: communications strategist for @breakthrough. Views are my own and my cat's."

  45. Wang

    Penelope Wang '77: @MoneyMag_Penny

    "Tweeting personal finance news for the 99%," Wang shares articles on the full spectrum of money management.

    Sample tweet: "Financial literacy 101: Best books for beginning investors. @andreacoombes nice list"

  46. Weber

    Hugh Weber '00: @hughweber

    Creative connector and founder @OTAsessions, Weber's tweets range from the latest videos by @gregorybrothers to his networking with groups and entrepreneurs across the country. Also a "proud Montessori dad."

  47. Weinstein

    Bruce Weinstein '82: @TheEthicsGuy

    Ever wondered about your "ethics IQ"? Check out Weinstein, a select contributor to Bloomberg Businessweek's Management Blog and author of Ethical Intelligence: Five Principles for Untangling Your Toughest Problems at Work and Beyond.

  48. Williamson

    Theresa Williamson '97: @greencities

    Founder @CatComm, the not-for-profit Catalytic Communities, which is working to destigmatize Rio de Janeiro's favela communities and integrate them into the wider society. Williamson tweets on city planning, sustainability, with a special focus on the favelas in Rio.

  49. Yang

    Jenny Yang '00: @jennyyangtv

    Creator @getdisoriented, a comedy show billed as "All Asian American. All Female. All Funny." Yang describes herself a "Comedian. Writer. Nerdcore. Feministy/the other F-word."

    Sample tweet: "QUESTION: if i write a movie about the rise of an Asian American Reverend Al Sharpton, who should play the lead? GO!"

  50. Zengerle

    Jason Zengerle '96: @zengerle

    Contributing editor @NYMag and @GQMagazine, Zengerle tweets on all things political, along with "friendship, character,…ethics."

    Sample tweet: "Barney Frank's agent is Ari Emanuel. That is all. …"

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