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The Swarthmore Twitter 100

The Swarthmore Twitter 100

Have you ever wondered who among Swarthmore alumni are on Twitter? Perhaps not surprisingly, the Twitter-verse is full of active, engaged alums representing a broad range of professions and interests.

This is far from a comprehensive list. But, with seven decades represented, it does offer a glimpse of who you might find should you want to start following Swarthmore alums.

Don't see yourself here, or know of someone who should be? Please tweet the Twitter handle to @Swarthmore.

  1. Akagi

    Mikio Akagi '08: @Sainsha

    "Philosophy and other stuff in Pittsburgh," sums up Akagi's tweets on his experiences as a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh.

  2. Akasaka

    Rio Akasaka '09 @rioakasaka

    Check out the innovative musings of Akasaka, a graduate student @Stanford studying human computer interaction. During the presidential election, Akasaka created Twitterdots, an interactive map using geo-located tweets to show who voted for whom and where.

  3. Alderete

    Andrew Alderete '02: @aaldere1

    As a film artist and self-proclaimed tech geek and retired scientist, Alderete's tweets can jump from movies to file servers in a single bound.

  4. Altuzarra

    Joseph Altuzarra '05: @altuzarrastudio

    Award-winning fashion designer Altuzarra tweets about his latest fashion creations and favorite things.

  5. Andrade

    Lisa Ubelaker Andrade '06: @LisaUAndrade

    Based in Buenos Aires, Andrade is a Ph.D. student and historian of Latin-American and U.S. international history. Her tweets cover a variety of topics, but with a special emphasis on politics.

  6. Archer

    Sarah Archer '00: @Sarcher

    "Came for the job, stayed for the Amish yogurt," Archer is a curator @philartalliance, and a sender of arts news and creative tweets.

  7. Awuah

    Patrick Awuah '89: @PatrickAwuahJr

    Inspired by his liberal arts education at Swarthmore, Awuah launched @Ashesi University in his native Ghana. A regular TED speaker and recently featured in @Forbes, Awuah's Twitter handle is a great way to keep up with his entrepreneurial works.

  8. Ayres

    Ed Ayres '63: @edayres71

    Runners and aspiring runners will be inspired and encouraged by the tweets from the founding editor of Running Times.

  9. Baker

    Dean Baker '80: @DeanBaker13

    Economist and co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, Baker tweets all things economic, from health care to the Euro Zone.

    Sample tweet: "How do you analyze FHA loans in 2009-2010 without noting temporary price inflation from first-time buyers tax credit? ..."

  10. Baker

    Miyuki Baker '12: @MiyukiBaker

    Mixed-media artist Baker uses her Twitter home to share photos that illustrate her P.O.V. on everyday life and good eats.

    Sample tweet: "Beets and soybean bread plus a green beans sautee in the making #whatveganseat #wholesome"

  11. Banks

    Kennette Banks '06: @KennetteBanks

    "Passionate about equal access to education, and eating in ways that are humane and helpful to the planet."

  12. Behrens

    Eric Behrens '92 @ebehrens

    Associate Chief Information Technology Officer @Swarthmore, Behrens tweets on his favorite College news and events, education technology developments, ukuleles, and "much, much more."

  13. Bell

    Desiree Peterkin Bell '00: @DPBell

    Back from working on President Obama's re-election campaign, follow Mayor Michael Nutter's senior advisor as she communicates his administration's work on education, job creation, and government transparency to Philadelphia's 1.5 million residents. Bonus: Bell also tweets reflective #hashtags.

  14. Benjamin

    Randall Keith Benjamin II '09: @rkbtwo

    Strongly focused on changing his community for the better, Benjamin uses his tweets to promote causes and issues that matter. He's also not shy about professing Swarthmore love:

    Sample tweet: "*Fist Pump!* The Best Liberal Arts Schools: U.S. News and World Report @swarthmore"

  15. Bernhardt

    Jordan Bernhardt '11: @J_Bernhardt

    Musings on politics, economics, and Arsenal football from the nation's capital.

  16. Bhatia

    Aatish Bhatia '07: @aatishb

    A physics grad student and science writer, Bhatia's tweets cover the science spectrum.

  17. Bradlow

    Benjamin Bradlow '08: @bhbradlow

    With roots in South Africa and the U.S., Bradlow tweets about a variety of community organizations and social movements, and throws in some music, too.

  18. Brownstone

    Robert Brownstone '82: @ediscoveryguru

    Speaks and writes on law and technology, Brownstone was recently featured in The Bulletin for fighting to hold voting technology accountable.

  19. Bumbray

    Cecily Bumbray '12: @CecilyAlexa

    Read about Bumbray's journey as a singer and songwriter, and the countdown to her new releases.

  20. Chan

    Ted Chan '02: @upwardmobility

    Founder and lead software designer for Noyo and CEO of Upward Mobility, Chan tweets the latest technology business and education news and reviews.

  21. Charite

    Jimmy Charité '11: @j_charite

    Based in D.C., Charité describes himself as "A social scientist that loves watching the world through the windows of economics, mathematics, and statistics."

  22. Chevonne

    Chevonne (aka Lauren Ianuzzi '07): @listen2chevonne

    After touring with Lady Gaga and British singer-song writer Estelle, Chevonne was recently chosen for #TeamCeeLo, then "stolen" by #TeamXtina, @NBCTheVoice.

    Sample tweet: "I can't believe this. I'm on the NBC homepage. Next to Tina Flippin Fey. LOOK!"

  23. Chissell

    H.G. Chissell '96: @hgchissell

    The feed to follow for the latest on renewable energy and smart grid initiatives. LinkedIn users: Chissell started the Swarthmore Sustainability Network.

  24. Clark

    Katrina Clark '03: @misskatrina

    A ninth grade English teacher at Olney Charter High School in Philadelphia and a long-distance runner, Clark tweets her race times and with teachers outside the classroom.

  25. Conlon

    Emily Conlon '06: @goingforgoofy

    An avid runner, cyclist and all-around ironwoman, Emily tweets about the races she's done and her love of bacon.

  26. Corbin

    Michael Corbin '82: @AmbCorbin

    For a look at a day in the life of a U.S. ambassador, follow Corbin, the U.S. ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. He's also really into cycling.

  27. Cote-Munoz

    Natalia Cote-Munoz '12: @ncotemunoz

    A language student in Beijing. Follow her Instagrams of China.

  28. Craig

    Will Craig '96: @WillCraigPWP_HG

    Craig shares his reflections on being a parent and the role of education as the director of educational programming at the Handel Group.

  29. Curry

    Marshall Curry '92: @marshallcurry

    Check out what this two-time Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker is up to and what films he's following.

  30. Davis

    Ja'Dell Davis '06: @MsJaDell

    Davis' Twitter feed holds true to its profile description. A self-declared laugh enthusiast, you can almost hear Davis laugh in her satirical notes.

    Sample tweet: "#junotdiaz made analogy for white supremacy using Lord of the Rings reference. Ah. Nerd love. #FacingRace"

  31. Davis

    Josh Davis '87: @JoshDavisthinks

    An attorney who specializes in labor and employment law, Davis is a legal analyst @NewsTalk969 in Boston. Davis tweets about issues discussed on air, the latest news, and lessons learned. Earlier this month, he hosted Swarthmore's admissions dean Jim Bock '90 to discuss this question/tweet: "Was Rick Santorum right? Is Obama a snob for thinking we should send our kids to college?"

  32. D'Silva

    Rahul D'Silva '08: @Rahul_DSilva

    A recent Tokyo transplant, D'Silva writes about his adventures in his new city.

    Sample tweet: "Started reading #Labyrinth by #Borges…so good I forget that my #Tokyo commute is even more crowded than my #NYC commute! #NoteworthyReads"

  33. DeSilva-Johnson

    Lynn DeSilva-Johnson '01: @OnlyWhatICan

    She curates media coverage and content from writers, poets, and non-profit groups she follows on Twitter to create a daily "newspaper" that she then tweets out to her followers.

  34. Economy

    Elizabeth Economy '84: @LizEconomy

    An expert on Chinese domestic and foreign policy and director of Asia Studies for the Council on Foreign Relations, Economy tweets news and analysis.

    Sample tweet: "Chinese whistleblowers keep winning--some call for broader political change…"

  35. Eichenwald

    Kurt Eichenwald '83: @kurteichenwald

    Contributing editor to @VanityFair and author of 500 Days: Secrets and Lies in the Terror Wars, Eichenwald chats with his followers about his book and the world of Washington.

  36. Elhai

    Wren Elhai '08: @welhai

    A U.S. diplomat in Moscow who is interested in development policy, bluegrass music, and bicycling. Elhai and @AmbCorbin should meet!

  37. Fieldhouse

    Andrew Fieldhouse '08: @A_Fieldhouse

    If federal tax and budget policy, political economy, public investment, stabilization policy, and macroeconomics are your thing, follow Fieldhouse, who works on fiscal policy and progressive budget reform @EconomicPolicy Institute and as a federal budget policy analyst @tcfdotorg (The Century Foundation).

    Sample tweet: "Santa's definitely for redistribution, but I'm betting those North Pole elf laborers are being badly exploited: D or R?"

  38. Figueres

    Christiana Figueres '79: @CFigueres

    An avid tweeter. Follow the Executive Secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change as she travels the world on carbon and sustainability business.

  39. Fried

    Daisy Fried '89: @DaisyFried

    Poet and author Fried leaves no stone unturned when she tweets. From personal reflections to "Dickens. The Wire. Discuss.," Fried controls her Twitter room. Her most recent work, Women's Poetry: Poems and Advice, is due out in 2013.

    Sample tweet: "Recycling day weird: three blocks away from my house I find the first page of a printed draft of a poem by me in the gutter."

  40. Fritz

    Ben Fritz '99: @BenFritz

    "Film business reporter for @latimes with occasional dives into video games. Core belief: We all have it coming."

  41. Gallagher

    Janice Gallagher '99: @janicegallagher

    Gallagher was recently featured in a Bulletin web exclusive for her work to promote peace on both sides of the United States-Mexico border.

  42. Gregory

    Andrew Gregory '04 & Evan Gregory '01: @GregoryBrothers

    Best known for their musical mash-up videos on news and political events, the Gregory Brothers tweet about their upcoming videos and shows and live tweeted this year's presidential debates.

  43. Hall

    Justin Hall '98: @jah

    "Personal journalist, CEO/GameLayers, now @ngmoco making mobile games. Let's breathing!"

    Sample tweet: "Victory! Another weekend spent alone, writing my memoirs and giving away bag after bag of possessions."

  44. Hanis

    Mark Hanis '04: @MarkHanis

    Using his Twitter feed to help "end needless deaths," Hanis is co-founder of Organ Alliance, @endgenocide (Genocide Intervention Network & Save Darfur) and a 2012-13 White House Fellow.

  45. Hartman

    Mitchell Hartman '85: @entrepreneurguy

    As senior reporter for @marketplaceAPM, Hartman tweets his views on the news and his on-the-ground coverage – including his singing debut for a story on what makes a summer hit and his coverage of the Tahrir protests in 2011.

  46. Ho

    Calvin Ho '11: @calvinhyj

    Based in Los Angeles, graduate student, ethnographer, and food blogger Ho tweets on immigration issues and the great food scene in southern California.

  47. Hollen

    Chris Van Hollen '83: @ChrisVanHollen

    Check out what Congressman and House Committee on the Budget member Van Hollen is saying about the nation's spending and projects he's advocating for on behalf of Maryland's 8th District.

  48. How

    Deborah How '89: @dhhowmusic

    Classical music lovers: How is the person to follow for upcoming performances and music education. She recently performed at - and tweeted - Swarthmore's third annual student and alumni composers recital.

  49. Hughes

    Mark Alan Hughes '81 @markalanhughes

    Founding sustainability director for Philadelphia, Hughes teaches @penndesign and is a columnist for the non-profit urban affairs blog Next American City. Follow his tweets for ruminations on city planning and current events.

  50. Hvistendahl

    Mara Hvistendahl '02: @MaraHvistendahl

    Hvistendahl tweets as a China-based correspondent with @sciencemagazine and author of the Pulitzer Prize finalist Unnatural Selection on the effects of sex selection on the global number of women and men. Watch her campus talk from earlier this year about her work.

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