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Promotions Recognize Faculty Across the Disciplines

The Board of Managers recently approved the promotion of five faculty members from associate to full professorship:

Diego ArmusDiego Armus

Historian Diego Armus teaches courses on Latin American history with an emphasis on urban and socio-cultural issues.

Farha GhannamFarha Ghannam

Anthropologist Farha Ghannam is an authority on contemporary Islamic practices and identities and her research interests include gender, masculinity, embodiment, globalization, urban life, and food and culture.

Cheryl GroodCheryl Grood

Mathematician Cheryl Grood focused on combinatorial representation theory early in her career and now investigates questions at the intersection of graph theory and linear algebra. She has also worked to increase students' access to, and persistence in, STEM fields and will teach in the inaugural year of the Swarthmore Summer Scholars Program.

Thomas HunterThomas Hunter

Mathematician Thomas Hunter joined Swarthmore's faculty in 1990 and specializes in algebraic topology.

Ellen RossEllen Ross

In religion, Ellen Ross specializes in Christian traditions with particular interests in Quaker studies, peace and conflict studies, gender studies, medieval religious life and thought, and contemporary religious thought.

Five faculty members received tenure and were promoted from assistant to associate professor:

Erin Todd BronchettiErin Todd Bronchetti

Economist Erin Todd Bronchetti specializes in public finance, labor economics, and health economics. Her research focuses on understanding the impacts of social insurance and public safety net programs, not only on individuals’ incentives and behavior, but also on their material and physical wellbeing. She also conducts community-based field experiments that apply behavioral economics principles to improve health and financial decision-making.

Alexandra Gueydan-TurekAlexandra Gueydan-Turek

Alexandra Gueydan-Turek is a specialist of North African literatures and cultural productions who also teaches classes on postcolonialism in the French imagination and the Francophone world. Her ongoing research project traces how different Algerian artists and filmmakers respond to the mobility of their works between the Parisian and Algerian markets.

Cheryl Jones-WalkerCheryl Jones-Walker

Cheryl Jones-Walker, with appointments in Educational Studies and Black Studies, explores the examination of identities on macro and micro levels in order to design the best support for learners and to address larger socio-historical issues that undermine opportunities for individuals who have been marginalized.

Eric SongEric Song

Eric Song, a specialist in early modern English literature, teaches courses on Shakespeare, Milton, texts of exploration and conquest from Marco Polo to Robinson Crusoe, and the history of Narcissus and narcissism. He is currently working on a book concerning politics, religion, and conjugal narratives in 17th-century England.

Lynne Steuerle SchofieldLynne Steuerle Schofield '99

Statistician Lynne Steuerle Schofield '99 is interested in the development of human capital and how educational policy and practice supports this development. Her research focuses mainly on developing statistical models that use latent constructs (e.g., intelligence, motivation) to predict future outcomes.

Jonathan KochaviJonathan Kochavi

In music, Jonathan Kochavi was also promoted to associate professor. His areas of research include diatonic theory, transformation theory, disability studies in music, and the interconnections between music and mathematics.

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