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Farha Ghannam

Eugene M. Lang Research Professor of Anthropology

Sociology & Anthropology-Anthropology


  2. Phone: (610) 328-8104
  3. Kohlberg Hall 240
  4. Office Hours:

    By appointment
    Thursdays, 3:00- 4:30pm


Farha Ghannam


Ph.D., Social Anthropology, The University of Texas at Austin, 1997
M.A., Social Anthropology, Yarmouk University, Jordan, 1988.
B.A., Journalism and Mass Communication (graduation with honor), Yarmouk University, Jordan, 1984.

Selected Publications and Activities

 "Essential Readings: Masculinity in the Middle East,” Jadaliyya, Oct. 17, 2019.

 "Teaching Him to Care: Labor and the Making of Proper Men in Urban Egypt,” Reconceiving Muslim Men: Love and Marriage, Family and Care, edited by Marcia Inhorn and Nafissa Naguib. Berghann, 2018.

 "When he Becomes a Father: Masculine Trajectories in Urban Egypt,” The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, Winter 2017.

 "Thick Connections: Daily Life in an Urban Community in Egypt,” Urban Life: Readings in the Anthropology of the City, ed. by George Gmelch and Petra Kuppinger. Waveland Press, 2018.

 "The Rise and Decline of a Heterotopic Space: Views from Midan al-Tahrir,” Jadaliyya, January 25, 2016.

 "Technologies of Immortality, ‘Good Endings’, and Martyrdom in Urban Egypt," Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology, Volume 80, Issue 5, 2015.

Live and Die Like a Man: Gender Dynamics in Urban Egypt,  Stanford University Press, 2013.

"Mobility, liminality, and embodiment in Urban Egypt," American Ethnologist, vol. 38, 4, Nov., 2011. 

"Meanings and Feelings: Local interpretations of the use of violence in the Egyptian revolution," American Ethnologist, vol. 39, no. 1, 2012.

Remaking the Modern: Space, Relocation, and the Politics of Identity in a Global Cairo. Berkeley: The University of California Press, 2002.

Co-editor (with Hania Sholkamy) Health and Identity in Egypt. Cairo: The American University in Cairo Press, 2004.

"Re-Imagining the Global: Relocation and Local Identities in Cairo," The City Cultures Reader, ed. By Malcolm Miles, Tim Hall, and Iain Borden. London and New York: Routledge, 2000 (second edition, 2003).

"Keeping Him Connected: Labor Migration and the Production of Locality in Cairo, Egypt,"City and Society, 1999.

"The Visual Re-Making of Urban Space: Relocation and the Use of Public Housing in 'Moderní Cairo," Visual Anthropology, Vol. 10, 1998.

Teaching and Research Interests

Globalization/transnationalism; spatial practices: urban anthropology; gender inequalities; anthropology of the body; food and culture, anthropological theories; history of ethnography; contemporary Islamic practices; religious identity; Middle East and North Africa, Egypt and Jordan.

Courses and Seminars Taught

Farha Ghannam: Reflections on Masculinity and Violence in the Egyptian Revolution

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Farha Ghannam: Reflections on Masculinity and Violence in the Egyptian Revolution

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