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Happy Tails Page One

Dogs and cats are full of joy (mostly) as their beloved humans are suddenly spending much more time with them at home.  

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Swarthmore College ITS introduces "Zoomies" a new web-based video conferencing tool intended to bring all cats and dogs together - even if it keeps them "spatially apart". Bella is especially excited about the idea.

Jeffery Oaster

You weren't using this, were you?


Colleen Kennedy

I do so love raised bed gardening.


Gregory Frost

Sadie among the fountain pen ink (for once not on my lap).


Hannah Galantino '89

Taking the chicks out for outside time on nice days has brightened everyone's day


Jessica Howington

I was born to social-distance

sleeping dog

Natalie Flores

Stop saying I look like Tony Soprano!

black cat

Georgina Texeira

My name is Maddie and I supervise the workouts.


Roxanne Lucchesi

No more working from home. It's time to pay attention to ME!


Ann Sibclair

I may not help with productivity, but I definitely improve your workspace immensely.