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Program Benefits

Undergraduate Fellows

  • Faculty mentor
  • MMUF programming
  • Annual Regional Conference for Mellon Fellows
  • Mellon Journal
  • Term and summer stipends

Fellows must enter a graduate program within 39 months following graduation to be eligible for continuing benefits as follows.

Graduate Fellows

(in PhD programs in Mellon fields)

  • Annual Summer Conference (administered by the Social Science Research Council)
  • Predoctoral research grant
  • Loan repayment
  • Travel and research grant
  • Dissertation grant

Mellon PhDs

  • Annual Summer Conference
  • Junior Faculty Career Enhancement Program - a competitive grant for Assistant Professors in their third year of teaching. The program provides a fall retreat, senior mentor, and yearlong leave to provide for tenute.

More information on graduate and post-doctoral benefits is available from the MMUF program website.