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McCabe Lecture Series

A woman with blonde hair in a pink cardigan stands at a podium in front of a blue screen that says 2022 McCabe Lecture

Jenny Rickard ’86 delivers the 2022 McCabe Lecture

The Thomas B. McCabe Lecture is an annual event that brings individuals with distinguished careers in varied fields to speak on campus. 

Past Speakers

Year Speaker
2022 Jenny Rickard ’86, expanding college access as President & Chief Executive Officer of Common App (video)
2021 Michael Greenstone ’91, economist focused on uncovering the benefits and costs of environmental quality (video)
2020 Brian Wong '96, entrepreneur and the first American to join Alibaba Group (video)
2019 Mary Schmidt Campbell ’69, H’09, president of Spelman College (video)


Claudia Kawas '74, a geriatric neurologist and researcher in the areas of aging and dementia (video)

2017 Paul Young '92, an Emmy-Award-winning producer (video)
2016 Patrick Awuah '89, founder and president of Ashesi University (video)
2015 Thom Collins Jr. '88, director of The Barnes Foundation (video)
2014 Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot ’66, a MacArthur prize-winning sociologist and distinguished professor of education at Harvard University (video)
2013 Dawn Porter '88, director and producer (video)
2012 Christopher Edley Jr. '73, dean of UC-Berkeley Boalt School of Law (video)

Anne Schuchat '80, assistant surgeon general of the United States Public Health Service and director for the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the Center for Disease Control (video)


Cindi Leive '88, Editor-In-Chief of Glamour Magazine (video)


Victor Navasky '54, publisher emeritus of The Nation (video)

2008 David L. Cohen '77, executive vice president of the Comcast Corporation (video)
2007 Dr. John C. Mather ’68, astrophysicist in the Observational Cosmology Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and Nobel Prize laureate (video)
2006 Alberto J. Mora '74, former general counsel of the Department of the Navy and current vice president and general counsel for the International Department of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
2005 Kurt A. Eichenwald '83, journalist and writer about white collar crime
2004 Richard M. Harley '72, author
2003 Clyde Prestowitz '63, president of the Economic Strategy Institute (ESI) in Washington D.C.
2002 Michael S. Dukakis '55, former governor of Mass. and Democratic Party presidential candidate in 1988
1997 Paul Verkuil, former dean of the Tulane Law School and special master in the case New Jersey v. New York over the sovereignty of Ellis Island
1997 Juan A. Williams, Washington Post writer and political analyst
1995 Galina Starovoitova, member of USSR and Russian Federation legislatures
1994 Michael D. McCurry, spokesman for the U.S. State Department
1992 Clyde Prestowitz '63, president of the Economic Strategy Institute (ESI) in Washington D.C.
1990 Archibald Cox, professor of law at Harvard, head of Common Cause, and former director of the Watergate Special Prosecution Force
1988 Frank A. Oski '54, physician and chief pediatrician at Children’s Medical and Surgical Center of Johns Hopkins University
1987 Robert McNamara, former Secretary of Defense
1986 Hon. William W. Scranton '67, former governor of Pennsylvania