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McCabe Lecture by Thom Collins Jr. '88

Director of The Barnes Foundation Thom Collins Jr. '88 delivered this year's McCabe lecture "Somewhere Better Than This Place: The Art Museum and Alternative Social Experience." In it he discusses how the dominant museum paradigm of the modern era insists on a visitor experience that is both a-historical and antisocial. He offers a personal perspective on what is and what could be happening in museum practice today to promote the potential of the museum as a progressive social force.

Collins, a native of Media, Pa., graduated from Swarthmore in 1988 with a B.A. in art history and went on to receive his Master's degree from Northwestern University. An innovative educator, accomplished art historian, administrator, and author, he has more than 20 years of experience at some of America’s top arts institutions. Prior to being named executive director of the Barnes Foundation, he served for five years as director of the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

2015 McCabe Lecture by Thom Collins Jr. '88