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Current McCabe Scholars

Lizzy Stant '19

Photo of Lizzy Stant, a McCabe Scholar in the Class of 2019"The McCabe scholarship allowed for me to be the first one of my 11 siblings to not have to work full-time by the age of 18. I am incredibly grateful that it has given me the opportunity to not have to be financially stressed for the first time in my life and be able to focus on my academics and the things I love, as well as on community service. It is an honor to be a part of such a diverse, inspiring group of Swarthmore students."



Kyle Richmond-Crosset '19

Photo of Kyle Richmond-Crosset, a McCabe Scholar in the Class of 2019"My fellow McCabe Scholars are some of the most talented, outspoken and kind people I know. I am so grateful to be in their company, and for the opportunity that is the McCabe Scholarship: a chance to learn and explore at one of the best schools in the country. Swarthmore is an incredible experience, and the McCabe Scholarship made it possible."