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Fall 2021 Block List

Fall 2021 Block List


Blocking applications will begin being accepted by July 11th, so that all active students may fully participate in the process.   Rising Juniors and Seniors may participate in the regular blocking process.   Due to our current occupancy projections, rising sophomores may not block but, rather, may continue to preference roommate(s) and location through the usual Sophomore Preference Process.   In order to maximize class appropriate options for juniors and seniors, sophomores will wait until after both of those classes have selected to be assigned rooms.  This follows our usual priority process of allowing seniors to pick first followed by juniors.

The purpose of blocking is to allow upperclass students to select groups of rooms in close proximity to one another, and is calculated using the average of the group's lottery numbers for the upcoming year.  Blocking is done before students receive their lottery number for the year.

Blocking is NOT mandatory; it is simply a process to select groups of rooms as upperclass students.  If you apply for a block you must accept the block; you may not decline a location after you apply and are offered.   If you receive housing accommodations, please do not apply for a block that does not meet your needs.