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Drama Board

For more information regarding Drama Board, please contact the group at

Each semester, the student-run Drama Board puts on a mainstage production in LPAC's Pearson-Hall Theater, in addition to smaller-scale shows elsewhere on campus. Students appreciate and utilize the information and support offered by the LPAC staff which helps make it all happen.

"I directed Macbeth on the LPAC mainstage and couldn't have done it without the staff's support. We had a smoking cauldron, several swordfights, and a string of projected apparitions... It was no easy undertaking, and the trial by fire when we were thrust onstage was an educational experience unlike any other."
- Patrick Ross '15, Drama Board Co-Coordinator 2014-15
(Pictured above)

"Working in an LPAC production is a wonderful experience - you have resources to help in whatever you need to accomplish, on top of which you have access to amazing facilities. And any question you have can be answered by someone there. They really know where to go, what to do, and how, and they're willing to explain it all to us. Being able to draw on their experience lets us accomplish so much more than we would otherwise be able."
- Sarah Chasins '12, Drama Board Co-Coordinator (2011-12)

"Student groups at Swarthmore are not required to have a supervising staff or faculty member.  Drama Board has turned to LPAC for mentoring and support in its mission to facilitate student-run theater on campus. They are a great resource for us, since they are all experienced theater professionals. They provide advice and procedural tips for us on every production that goes up and give us management and technical support during performance weekends."
-Kim Comer '09, Drama Board Co-Coordinator (2008-09)