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IC Funding Request

Guidelines for Submitting Requests

The IC is happy to partner with members of our community to co-sponsor events and programming to campus in support of our mission, vision and goals. If you have an event that you feel aligns with the IC's mission, please submit a proposal. All requests must include a detailed budget and overview of the event. Proposals will be reviewed by the Intercultural Center staff upon receipt. 

The  IC Budgeting Tool is a resource available  to quickly and accurately calculate costs for events, speakers, or concerts that your group may be trying to organize. Please note that providing as much detail as possible will benefit your request.

Those requesting financial resources from the IC are strongly encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Please note that the turnaround for a response to your funding request is about one week (approx. 7 days). Requests made within 72 hours (approx. 3 days) of events/needed funding date will only be considered in special circumstances and there is no guarantee of review or consideration for a 72 hour request. 

**A note to student organizations (as of Fall 2023): To ensure equity in funding distribution, all student orgs are encouraged to utilize/exhaust funding through OSE/SBC/SGO prior to requesting funding from the IC. IC Collective groups do receive priority for supplemental support, if it is available, but only after exhausting SBC funds.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding funding requests and to submit your request, please contact Imaani El-Burki.