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Register Your Survey

Communication is one of the most powerful tools to avoid oversurveying our populations and wasting their time and good will with duplicated questions! Swarthmore does not currently have an "approval process" for survey research, beyond the subject protection requirements of the Institutional Review Board. We assume that members of our community will act responsibly and with our collective interests in mind. But that means that we need to be aware of other survey research so that we can talk to each other. This web site serves as a starting point for such communication by maintaining a list of current surveys. (Click on the button "Recent, Current, and Upcoming Surveys" at left to review.)

If you are contemplating a survey of any College population, be sure to discuss your work with others who are currently conducting surveys and with others who may have conducted similar surveys. If you decide to move forward with your work, please register your survey so that it can be listed with other ongoing efforts.

To register your survey send an email to with the following information:

  • Survey Name
  • Sponsor — What person or group on campus requires the survey?
  • Vendor/Consortium/Proprietor — If you are developing your own survey, just say "Internally developed."
  • Type — Will the survey be paper, web, or other, and how will it be distributed (e.g. general email to a listserve, sent to individuals, distributed at an event)
  • Timing — When do you plan to administer the survey?
  • Population — Who will be surveyed?
  • Description — Write a brief description of your survey.
  • Contact — Who should be contacted with questions about the survey?

Participating in this communication effort is extremely important! It benefits both those conducting and those receiving surveys if we do our survey research in a coordinated way.